Emily Logan

Emily Logan, IHREC Chief Commissioner: Message of Support for 16 Days

The 16 Days Campaign is an international campaign that started in 1991. It is aimed at highlighting the issue of domestic violence and promoting the services available for women who experience domestic violence.

The 16 Days of Action run from 25th November, UN International Day of Elimination of Violence against Women, to 10th December, Human Rights Day. The campaign spans these 16 Days in order to highlight the link between violence against women and human rights. Today, women and girls are subjected to many forms of human rights violations solely on the basis of their gender.

In Ireland, since 1996, Women’s Aid has used the 16 Days Campaign to raise awareness of the reality of domestic violence and to push for positive change to increase women’s safety.

A message of support for Women’s Aid’s 16 Days campaign, from Emily Logan, Chief Commissioner of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission, has been published today.  In the message, the Chief Commissioner writes:

“Last month, Ireland’s signature of the Istanbul Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Domestic Violence signalled an important first step towards the realisation of women’s human rights in Ireland.  We now require further legislation, reform and specific actions to ensure the State can meet its human rights obligations under the Convention. The Commission is urging ratification without undue delay.”

You can read the message in full here.