#MakeRightsReal Social Media Policy

#MakeRightsReal uses a range of social media tools to connect with our stakeholders and promote our news, messages and events:

We welcome comments and interactions on our social media profiles.  However, please note that:

  • Offensive or inappropriate comments / content will be removed.
  • People who repeatedly post offensive or inappropriate comments will be blocked.
  • We join in relevant online conversations, where possible.  However, we may not be able to reply individually to all the tweets, direct messages and / or social media posts we receive.  The best means of communicating a query to us is by contacting us online.
  • Generally, we monitor our social media profiles during normal working hours (Monday to Friday), and endeavour to respond to any comments or queries from users within 24 hours.

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you can expect posts covering some or all of the following:

  • Updates about the #MakeRightsReal public awareness campaign.
  • Updates about Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission campaigns and events.
  • Links to new content on our site.
  • Occasional live coverage of our events.
  • Links to other articles, sites and organisations that we think might be of interest to our followers.

RTs and Shared Content

Please note: RTs and posts that we share from external sources are not endorsements; if we RT or share something, it is because we think our followers might be interested.


We follow accounts that post about human rights, equality and related issues.  When we follow an account, it does not mean we endorse the views or opinions of the account-holder; rather, it is because we feel the account may be of interest to our own followers.