To mark Human Rights Day 2015 (10th December), Make Rights Real teamed up with The Irish Times and invited seven well-known authors to contribute a piece of original writing inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Their work has been published under the banner of ‘Writing Rights’.

Sarah Bannan, Sara Baume, Martina Devlin, Martina Evans, Eoin McNamee, Nuala O’Connor and Anakana Schofield contributed work to ‘Writing Rights’, ranging from poetry to creative fiction to factual pieces. Each piece is accompanied by an original image, developed by the Make Rights Real team. Each author chose a different Article of the Universal Declaration as the starting point for their work, and each took a very different approach to ‘Writing Rights’. We hope you enjoy the results…

Please note: the views expressed in these works are the views of the author, and in no way reflect the views or opinions of the Irish Human Rights and Equality Commission or The Irish Times.

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Book Cover Eoin McNamee